Monday, May 18, 2015

PLxSU Trio Challenge - week 9

Hello there! I hope you're excited for another week of Project Life inspiration. We really love this group and are always so wowed by the pages you post on our FB page each week. Thank you so much for making this challenge group such a fun one!

This week is a "What We're Working On" challenge. So the door is wide open - show us whatever you've been doing with PL lately!

Personally, I'm trying to catch up on documenting all the pictures on my phone. I won't even tell you how many there are! The PL app makes it really easy to scrap anywhere, anytime. So if I'm sitting in the Kiss 'n Ride waiting for my kids, I can pull out my phone and get a couple of pages done super quick. Such a time saver!

Here are a few pages from our visit to the International Spy Museum. Andrew really wanted to go for his birthday and we had a blast. If you're ever in D.C. make sure to add it to your "must see" list!

I used a few different kits for these pages. I love to mix and match, so I don't usually stick with one kit for a project. I used the Seafoam Edition, Road Trip Themed Cards, the Just Add Color Edition, Midnight Edition, and the Kiwi Edition. 

Cori and Holly have been working on some really cute pages, so make sure to stop by their blogs and take a look! See you next week :) 

Monday, May 11, 2015

PLxSU Trio Challenge - week 7 and 8

Hello there! Last week we were dealing with a stomach bug in our house that made it's way through everyone except me - thank goodness! But I wasn't able to find the time to post last weeks challenge - so sorry! I hope you were able to see Holly and Cori's gorgeous pages. Holly gave us a great sketch to work from.

I've been working more and more in the PL app and I chose to do this sketch from the app. 

Now, for this week we thought it would be fun to focus not on our pages, but on the cards we're using. So we're asking you to make a WOW card.

In our family we're super excited - and not just because the everyone has finally stopped throwing up - but because we are expecting a baby GIRL this fall! We're over the moon and I'm having quite a bit of fun shopping :) 

I want to start her baby book so the challenge to make a WOW card was perfect timing. I made just a couple to get started. Again, I made them in the PL app and then used the Rhonna Designs app to embellish the cards. 

I'm so excited to start baby girl's book and use these! We're excited to see what you come up with this week. Make sure to stop by Cori and Holly's blogs and our Facebook page to see what everyone else is creating! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

PLxSU Trio Challenge - week 6

So, I'm really interested to see what you think of this week's challenge. I think it's going to be a love it or hate it situation. Ready? Wait for it...

We want you to use: Selfies! That's right. We think it's a really fun idea to use selfies on your layouts this week.  :D

Now...some of you may be cheering - the rest of you just rolled your eyes. But hear us out! Trust me, the Trio isn't on the selfie bandwagon. In fact, usually when we take a selfie it's a joke between us. We text each other our "beautiful" selfies and die laughing. It is truly an endless source of entertainment. Who knew? All joking aside, selfies have become part of our culture - like it or not. So, we decided to have some fun with it. And I have to admit, I love how this turned out. In fact, my heart may have just warmed up to the idea of selfies. Just a bit ;)

Now, don't worry - this doesn't have to be a page all about you; although, would that be so bad? We love getting to know you and besides, if you're preserving your memories - they should include you and not just your family, right?

My page is full of selfie's that my kids took when they "borrowed" my phone, but I do have selfies of me and I'll work on those pages to post on our Facebook page this week. So you'll have to jump on FB to see them :)

Oh, these three little men. They melt my heart!

I've talked before about how I'm a fan of embellishments and although I really  like the PL app it bugs me that I can't embellish more. Plus, there are only a few options when adding text. Well, as I was working on this page it occurred to me that I could create the page in the PL app, save it to my phone and then open it in the Rhonna Designs app and add some fun text and graphics! I'll admit it - I called myself a genius. Out loud. But I'm still quite humble, so no worries.

I am so excited about the way this turned out! It was so easy and incredibly fast - I was done in no time. And I love it!

FYI - I used the Kiwi Edition and the Teen Themed Boy cards.

We're all super excited to see what you post this week! But before you do that, check out Holly and Cori's pages. You're gonna love them!

Monday, April 20, 2015

PLxSU Trio Challenge - week 5

Welcome back to another PLxSU Trio Challenge! We're excited for this one and we think you will be too :)

This week, try using banners and/or flags on your layouts. This could be as simple as using a PL card with a banner on it, or you could embellish your pages with a banner you make - maybe out of paper or washi tape? The sky's the limit!

I've been working on documenting the time we spent with my parents over Christmas Break in the PL app and I thought they would be perfect for this challenge.

See, easy peasy! Nothing fancy, just pictures and super cute PL cards. I used the Maggie Holmes Style Board Mini kit and the Love Themed cards. 

I will say, I'm a huge fan of embellishments - give me some ribbon and buttons and I'm a happy camper - so I've struggled with the feeling that my pages are too plain, but bit by bit I'm becoming more comfortable with it. 

We've had so much fun looking at your pages and being inspired by your ideas the last few weeks. Thank you for following along with the challenge! Make sure to check out Holly and Cori's pages too! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

PLxSU Trio Challenge - week 4

Hi there! I was shocked to realize that this is our 4th week of the challenge. Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Are you ready for another PL Challenge? This week we're challenging you to use arrows on your PL layouts. Personally, I love arrows and use them all the time so this wasn't too hard for me ;)

It was a crazy busy weekend for us so I decided to use the PL App this time around. It's so nice to be able to put together a page so quickly and to be able to scrap the photos that are on my phone already.

Putting a bunch of photos on one layout is perfect for a situation like this, where I had several pictures of my son, but all with different expressions. It's pretty much the same picture over and over, but I think the PL layout helps keep it from feeling overused. 

I found some cute cards with arrows on them - I used the Just Add Color, Midnight and Project 52 editions.

We're having so much fun with this challenge and we love seeing the pages you post each week on our Facebook page. Thanks so much for playing along and sharing our love of Project Life! 

Make sure to check out Holly and Cori's adorable pages too! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

PLxSU Trio Challenge - week 3

Yay for another challenge week! My post will be short since it's a busy holiday weekend, but I don't think you'll need much explaining. :)

This week the challenge is to use a stamp (or digi stamp) on your photos. 

I chose to finish the second page of my layout from last week.

On our Facebook page last week Stacy and Rochelle both used numbers on their pictures to correspond to their journaling and I thought it was so clever! It was super easy to add the numbers and a little word bubble on my pictures and I was done!

We can't wait to see your pages - remember to upload them to our Facebook page!!

While you're at it, check out Holly and Cori's pages for this week - they are to die for!

Monday, March 30, 2015

PLxSU Challenge - Week 2

Welcome back! We had a blast seeing the pages you posted on our Facebook page this past week and hearing about your excitement for Project Life! 

Are you ready for another PL Challenge? 

This week we challenge you to use a list(s) in your layout. 

I'm working on some pages from this weekend. The kids had been saving up their allowance and couldn't wait to get to Toys 'R Us to spend it, so we decided to get some errands done and make it a fun night out. I still have another page to complete, but this is the first one. I used the Everyday Adventure PL digital download as well as a few other downloads from Stampin' Up. 

A list can be anything - what you did that day, things about yourself, your actual To Do list - whatever you can think of! 

We'd love for you to play along and can't wait to see what you come up with this week! Don't forget to post your page on Facebook, and if you haven't already, check out Cori and Holly's blogs for their projects! 

See you next week! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Our First Ever PLxSU Trio Challenge!

I am so excited to be a part of this brand new Project Life Challenge! Holly, Cori and I have been friends for awhile now and they are always sharing their PL layouts with me. Their enthusiasm for PL is catching and even though I've been reluctant to make the switch to this method of memory keeping, they inspire me!

I hope you'll want to play along with us each week as we share different ideas and techniques. And please - any advice you want to share with me will be welcome. I'm a newbie at this!

Hopefully most of you have heard the sad announcement that Stampin' Up will no longer be offering MDS beginning in June. It breaks my heart because I was such a big supporter of the program, but these things happen and it is the best move for the company. You can still continue to use the program though - there just won't be any updates for it.

This week the Trio challenges you to split a picture between pockets.

I'm still a big fan of digital scrapping, so I decided to create my page using MDS since I'm still learning my way around Photoshop. Here is my page of a trip we took to Monticello a few years ago:

If you're using MDS it's actually quite easy to split your photos between multiple boxes. Simply highlight the photo boxes and group them together. When you click and drag your photo over the boxes it will automatically split them for you!

Have you checked out Holly and Cori's pages yet? They are fantastic!

We can't wait to see what pages you create! Post a picture of your page (or pages) to our Facebook page! You might just be our first Challenge Winner and win a PL accessory pack of your choice!!

And don't forget to enter the Trio Challenge contest!

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